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Discover our city center coworking hub in Bergamo,

open seven days a week from 6 am to 12 am.

Weekdays offer convenient online booking between 8 am and 8 pm.

Become a member for unlimited access and elevate your work experience in our vibrant coworking community.

Join us and make every day a productive journey.

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A co-working environment where every detail is designed to inspire and energise.
Work and pleasure can coexist in the right environment


Your coworking space in the city centre of Bergamo.You can book it online in weekdays from 8am to 8pm, become a member to unlock all the availability

PopUp Store

Your shop, the space where you display your artworks, where you can highlight your creativity. 

Summer Experience

Your summer club lounge, your summer relax area.

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Upcoming Events

  • Aperitivo Creativo
    Aperitivo Creativo
    Multiple Dates
    Sat, 25 May
    25 May 2024, 18:30 – 22:30
    Bergamo, Via Pignolo, 38c, 24121 Bergamo BG, Italia
    A create boutique experience with intuitive creativity, where no prior experience is needed, and everyone can unleash the artist within.
Vintage Music Store

Explore the Collection

TimelessTreasures: The vintage experience that will take you back in time.


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casa ufficio
bar ristorante

Drink Selection

Explore a paradise of flavors with our gin, drinks and wine shop. An experience that will tantalize your senses.

Contact Us

Contact us to plan private events or request a personalized quote for renting our space. We also offer the option to use the space as a location for professional conferences and meetings, with flexibility to tailor it to your specific needs. We are here to offer a professional service tailored to you.

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Via Pignolo 38/C Bergamo, BG ITALIA

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